Operations & Management


Panda Energy, headquartered in Dallas, Texas is a proven leader in providing world class service solutions to the energy industry. From full third party O&M and outage services, turnkey commissioning, startup, and complete staffing needs for all aspects of project development and execution, Panda Energy optimizes results by focusing on quality, safety and efficiency.

Over the last 16 years, Panda Energy’s operations arm (“Panda Global Services”) has leveraged its proven track record, international presence and “best-in-class” status to bring exemplary O&M service to domestic and international projects.  Due in part to managing more than 2500MW of power generation, Panda remains on the cutting edge in training to match technology and management requirements, diagnostics, technical development, problem solving, financial and event planning, safety, equipment expertise, and cost control. Panda Global Services is widely regarded for its commitment to excellence and exacting O&M standards.

Our company-operated facilities consistently function at 98% availability, outperform competitor plant heat rates, retain commendable safety records and exceed environmental and regulatory requirements. In fact, the Operational Reliability Analysis Program (“ORAP”) recognized Panda Energy as a top performer in GE combustion turbine equipment due to our exceptional record of reliability and availability. From the first plant utilizing GE 6B/GE 7EA units to our hydro and coal fired facilities and on to our present day Siemens F5 combustion turbine facilities, Panda Global Services strives to flawlessly meet scheduled generation output in an economical, environmentally sound and reliable manner.

Panda Global Services is proud to operate the finest facilities in the world and, as such, remain committed to hiring the best, most highly qualified team of operators and technicians in the industry. We look forward to being part of your next success.